Xnipec (Yucatecan Habanero Salsa)

In its simplest form, xnipec (pronounced <em>shnee pec</em>) is a fiery salsa made with sour Seville orange juice, habanero chiles, and red onion. Served as a table condiment in the Yucatán peninsula, xnipec shares characteristics with another classic salsa: pico de gallo.

Like its milder sibling, xnipec is also fresh and bright, and incredibly versatile. Its sharp acidity and chile punch help to balance the richness of cochinita pibil, the iconic Yucatecan achiote-rubbed and banana leaf-wrapped roast pork. Xnipec also pairs well with seafood in ceviches. If you’re looking for a spicy salsa for snacking on with chips, simply add a little diced fresh tomato to the mix, and you’re in business. Just make sure to give your dinner guests a heads up that xnipec is coming in hot.

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