Salsa Arriera (Charred Chile Salsa)

Salsa arriera is a jammy, roasted chile salsa that is typically served as an accompaniment to grilled meats. While it is most commonly made with serrano chiles, I opted for a milder mix of poblano and Fresnos, which bring grassy and fruity notes to this version of salsa arriera.

To make it, I start by lightly charring the chiles, along with onion and garlic, under the broiler (you can also char the vegetables over the direct flame of a gas burner or on an outdoor grill). Once blistered, I transfer the vegetables to a bowl, wrap everything tightly with plastic, and allow the veg to steam and fully soften. From there, everything goes into the blender (or molcajete if you want to keep things traditional and low-fi), and is pulsed together to make a smoky condiment that’s the perfect companion for carne asada.

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