Gluten-Free Chewy Gnocchi Noodles

Imagine a noodle that has the flavor of potato gnocchi, and a texture that’s somewhere between an udon noodle and a rice cake. It’d be pretty cool, yeah? Imagine no more.

This recipe relies on the concept of using potato starch for chewiness and potatoes for tenderness and flavor—otherwise known as a winning combination. The texture, thickness, and overall visual appeal of these noodles is pretty killer, too.

The trick to this recipe is perfecting the dance between potato starch and potatoes, since the water content of potatoes varies. It’s the same reason you may find this recipe a tad more challenging than a traditional pasta dough.

Even if you don’t nail this recipe right off the bat, these noodles are going to be something you enjoy eating. Because noodles.

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