Simple, Silky Smooth, Egg-Free Chocolate Custard

Creamy and custard-like but firm enough to slice and serve in style, this is a dessert that will satisfying picky eaters, little kiddos, sophisticated gourmands, and chocolate lovers alike.

Making traditional custards can be finicky and time-consuming. This is a bulletproof version that comes together with just a handful of ingredients, steps, and hands-on minutes. **Chef Kyl Haselbauer shows you how in the video below.**

As an added bonus, this delectable dessert is also vegan! Decadent chocolate flavor, the perfect custardy texture, and nary a grain, gluten, or animal product in sight. Truly, what’s not to love?

Whether Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday and you need something that’ll seal the deal in a snap, or you’re just looking for a simple and stunning dessert, this custard will convince your dinner guests that you’re a master of all things sweet and savory.

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