Matthew’s Plant-Based Tofu Scramble (Egg-Free)

Crumbled firm tofu is quick and easy to sauté and is an excellent alternative to [link https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/five-chefs-five-scrambles eggs for breakfast]. Chef Matthew Woolen demonstrates his technique in the video below, and shares a few tips and secret ingredients to give tofu an “eggy” appearance and flavor.

Just like [link https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/five-chefs-five-scrambles scrambled eggs], this dish is quick and easy to prepare but it does need some extra hands-off prep time to press moisture out of the tofu.

The key ingredient in this recipe is salt. But not just any salt—for an egg-like flavor, you’ll need a special variety like Bamboo or Black Himalayan salt. These salts have been fired at high temperatures to induce chemical processes that impart a sulfurous aroma and richer flavor.

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