Light as a Cloud Egg

This isn’t the cloud egg that dominated social media feeds a few years ago. Forget those images of brilliant yellow yolks surrounded by puffy whipped egg whites. True clouds those eggs are not—they’re more akin to “nests,” really, or perhaps like low-lying stratus clouds. *These* eggs are the cumulus of cloud eggs—big fluffy whipped whites completely enrobe tender and runny yolks. Visually stunning, they’ll be a hit at your next brunch. And the best part? They’re easy to make!

Devised by chefs Kyl Haselbauer and Nicholas Gavin, these clouds come together fairly quickly, and speed is absolutely key here—you’re working against gravity and need to get your cloud bundles prepared and into the steamer before the egg whites deflate.

Poached eggs got nothing on these cloud eggs—they’re perfect nestled atop [link https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/can-t-f-it-up-eggs-benedict Benedicts] or avocado toast. In a tip below, we’ve also included a few fun ways to add extra flavor inside each cloud, so you can experiment with turning classic egg dishes, like spinach florentine, into clouds.

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